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403 Series Regulator

403 Piston


Model 403 Series (External & Internal)
Service Steam & Air
Sizes 1/2’’ – 4’’
Connections NPT, 150# FLG, 300# FLG
Body Material Ductile Iron
Seat & Disc Hardened 420 Stainless Steel (55 Rc)
Max. Inlet Pressure 450 PSIG
Min. Inlet Pressure 20 PSIG
Max. Differential Pressure 250 PSI
Min. Differential Pressure 15% of Inlet Pressure (10 PSI Minimum)

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Typical Applications

The 403 piston-actuated pressure regulating are pilot-operated, piston-actuated, pressure regulators primarily used for reducing pressure in steam systems. These regulators can be equipped with an optional internal sensing line which simplifies installation (Suffix I). The 403 Series has all stainless-steel internals for high-pressure applications up to 450 PSIG. Double Spring Option is available for wider range of reduced pressures.