With the expertise of our Certified Energy Managers (CEM) and field engineers, we take proper steps to assess and evaluate your steam, hot water, compressed air and clean utility systems. We work with you in preparing a comprehensive roadmap for your next system upgrade, expansion, or new construction project.


Upon assessment, SSI Services gets to work! With our skilled technical engineers, we specifically design, develop, and create a solution that optimizes energy cost and improves process efficiency while maintaining product quality and safety standards.

On-Site Services

SSI Services’ experienced field personnel supports the installation of your next project. Our team works with you to optimize your system within your budget and time-frame. We provide full turn-key installation, support and commissioning/start-up services. Even upon completion, SSI Services offers custom service contracts that provide routine assessments, technical engineering assistance, as well as equipment repairs/replacements; all to aid with sustaining the performance of your facility.

Trap & Trend App

Trap and Trend is an app developed by SSI Services that is used to assist in steam system surveying, system evaluation, and ongoing steam trap maintenance. We’ve enhanced the software to be user friendly by incorporating our custom stainless-steel steam trap tags. These tags are generated with unique QR codes per tag that allows customers to scan and access the data for a specific trap immediately. From a simple scan, a customer can pull up all the survey data for that trap as well as the replacement history since utilizing our app.


Steam System Optimization

  • Blow Down Heat Recovery
  • Capture Flue Gas Energy through Economizers
  • Eliminate Steam Venting
  • Energy and Emissions
  • Evaluate Insulation to Analyze Energy Savings
  • Flash Steam Recovery
  • Measure Steam Flow
  • Condensate Return Systems
  • Recover Energy Losses with Vent Condensers
  • Soft Audits
  • Steam Balancing
  • Steam Quality
  • Steam Trap Performance and Application
  • Thermal Cycle Efficiency

Steam System Reliability

  • Achieve Uniform Performance with SOP’s
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Safety & Dependability

Drone Aerial Services

  • Thermal Building Inspections