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455 Series Regulator

455 Piston


Model 455 Series Piston-Actuated Pilot-Operated
Service Steam, Air & Other Gases
Sizes 1/2’’ – 4’’
Connections NPT, 125# FLG, 250# FLG
Body Material ½” – 1 ½” SS Body/Brass Stuffing Box

2”- 4” Cast Iron

Seat & Disc Stainless Steel
Diaphragm Neoprene/Nylon
Max. Inlet Pressure 250 PSIG
Min. Inlet Pressure 5 PSIG
Max. Differential Pressure 125 PSI
Min. Differential Pressure 20% of Inlet Pressure

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Typical Applications

The 455 Series direct-operated pressure regulating valves are used for pressure reduction applications on steam, air and other gases. Balanced seat and disc design allow these valves to be used in applications with low inlet pressure; down to 5 PSIG. Unlike pilot-operated valves, the 455 does not contain any small pilot orifices and are therefore less susceptible to issues caused by dirt and pipe scale. The 455-Series is installed using an external sensing line which is connected several feet downstream of the valve. Placing the pressure sensing location out of range of valve discharge turbulence makes it more accurate in controlling downstream pressure.