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Model PN16/PN40
Sizes 1/2’’ – 1’’
Connections FLG, BW
Body Material EN-JL1040 or 1.0460
Operating Pressure Up to 464 PSIG
Inlet Temperature Up to 842°F
Allow. Diff. pressure 14,73 PSIG (Closing pressure, Factory setting)

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Typical Applications

The PN16/PN40 Automatic liquid drainer features automatic condensate discharge during start-up and shut down. On unpressurized systems the liquid drainer will be opened by a compression spring inside of the controller. On factory setting the liquid drainer will be closed at a differential pressure of ≥22 PSIG. Other factory settings between 7 PSIG and 29 PSIG are possible. Bimetallic elements will achieve that the closing pressure is constant. Installation in any position (if a frost resistant execution is required please inquire)