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BHFS Series

Single Bag


Model BHFS (Single Bag)
Housing M.O.C. CS / 304SS / 316SS
Housing Size 4’’, 8’’
Inlet/Outlet Size FNPT (1’’, 1.5’’, 2’’)
Vent 1/4’’ FNPT
Design Pressure 150 PSIG
Design Temp. Range -20°F to 225°F

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Typical Applications

FSI’s Filter bag housings can effectively remove dirt, pipe scales an contaminates from process liquids in the chemical processing, petroleum, wastewater process industries and more. Creative innovation has allowed FSI to provide a broad range of filter bag vessels to meet the standards, as well as the most demanding applications, found in process industries.

SSI Services can provide our customers with a wide variety of sizes, material, and specifications on our products that may not be included in our common sizes and specifications chart. We work with our customers to provide solutions for almost any application through our unmatched customer service and support in the installation and maintenance of our products.