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Booster Pump

Series E-60


Model Series e-60
Pipe Sizes 1’’ to 3’’
Power 0.25 – 3 HP motors at 1750 RPM
Max. fluid temperature 250°F (121°C)
Max. working pressure 175 PSI (12 bar)
Max. flow 215 GPM (49 m^3/hr)
Max. head 55 ft (17 m)

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Typical Applications

The Series e-60 is a three-piece centrifugal in-line pump designed for HVAC, potable water, and other clean water applications in the residential and commercial markets. Series e-60 offers great value with class-leading hydraulic efficiency, long pump life, and easy serviceability. Quiet operation, a robust mechanical seal, and maintenance-free bearings make Series e-60 a truly worry-free, install-and-forget solution.