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Pneumatic Control Valve



Model PV926A
Service Saturated Steam, hot and superheated water

Process fluids, liquids, air and gases compatible with the construction

Sizes ½” to 2”
Connections ¼” NPT-F
Body Material Stainless Steel
Body Design Conditions PN16
Max Operating Pressure 188.5 PSIG at 100.4°F
Maximum Operating Steam Pressure 87 PSIG
Max Operating Temp. (Steam & Water) 338°F
Max Operating Temp. (Air) 302°F
Min. Operating Temperature 14°F
Max. Air Supply Pressure 43.5, 72.52 PSIG
Max. Ambient Temperature 158°F
Min. Ambient Temperature -4°F
Internal RA Finish 0.51 micron; 20.0787 microinches
External RA Finish 0.76 micron; 29.9213 microinches

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How It Works

The PV926A aseptic control valves are single seated, two-way body constructed with angle connections. The PA pneumatic actuator features a rubber diaphragm and multi-springs. Its action can be DA – direct action (air to close) or RA – reverse action (air to open). The PV926A valves have been designed to ensure an accurate control in any process condition. The self-draining design is ideally suited for clean steam service applications.