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Sanitary Tank Blanketing Regulator



Model BKR2 – Low pressure regulator
Service Compressed air, nitrogen and other gases compatible with the construction
Sizes 1” – DN 25
Connections Clamp end or others on request
Body Material AISI 316L (Stainless Steel)
Max. Upstream Pressure Seat Ø 5 mm          174 PSIG

Seat Ø 8 mm            87 PSIG

Max. Downstream Pressure 7.25 PSI
Min. Down Steam Pressure .07 PSI
Max. Design Temperature 266°F
Internal RA Finish 0.51 micron; 20.0787 microinches
External RA Finish 0.76 micron; 29.9213 microinches

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How It Works

Tank blanketing valves are commonly used in tank storage systems to prevent and protect against explosions (avoiding flammable liquids being vented from vessel), to control product contamination against external air that may fill the vapor space, to reduce evaporation losses (consequently, production losses), to reduce internal corrosion (caused by air and moisture) and to prevent vacuum condition. The blanketing process consists in covering the stored medium, usually a liquid, with a gas (normally N2).