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FJH [Electric Heating Jacket]


Model QMax FHJ
Body Material A319 Cast Aluminum
Thermal Conductivity ~754 BTU/hr ft^2 °F (~109 W/m-K)
Maximum Temperature  750°F (399°C)
Cartridge Heater {Varies}
Standard Rating 600°F (315°C)

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Typical Applications

QMax Electric Heating Jackets are Custom made from aluminum and are designed to maintain specific process temperatures on process equipment such as flanges, nozzles, valves, pumps, meters, strainers and more. QMax EHJ’s house a removable electric cartridge heater that conducts heat through the aluminum to create a “heat shield” effect around the component. Use QMax EHJ’s in electric tracing applications instead of wrapping the valve with electric tracing.