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Guided Float Liquid Drainer

WLD1800 Series


Model WLD1800 Non-repairable
Sizes 1/2’’, 3/4’’
Connections NPT
Body Material Stainless Steel
PMO (Max. Operating Pressure) 400 PSIG
TMO (Max. Operating Temperature) 500°F
PMA (Max. Allowable Pressure) 400 PSIG @ 500°F
TMA (Max. Allowable Temperature) 500°F @ 400 PSIG

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Typical Applications

The WLD1800 Drainer contain a stainless-steel float and hardened stainless steel seat and disc to drain out liquids from pressurized pipelines, tank, and vessels without the loss of the pressured gas. Available in either a repairable (WLD1800R) or a non-repairable (WLD1800) version. The all stainless-steel construction allows them to be used in extremely corrosive environments. The WLD1800 is seal welded and therefore non-repairable.