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HD Regulator – Main Valve



Main Valve HD Series
Sizes 1/2’’ – 6’’
Connections NPT: 1/2’’ – 2’’

FLG: 1’’ – 6’’

Body Material Ductile Iron
PMO (Max. Operating Pressure) 300 PSIG
Standard Main Valve Inlet Pressure: 15-300 PSIG
Low-Pressure Main Valve Inlet Pressure: 5-20 PSIG
Design Pressure/Temperature Ratings TMA/PMA NPT            450 PSIG @ 650°F

150# FLG   150 PSIG @ 566°F

300# FLG   450 PSIG @ 650°F

Contact Us for more information on this product and to see other sizes that fit unique applications.

Typical Applications

The HD Series Pilot-Operated Regulating Valve was designed for extremely accurate control of temperature and pressure in steam service applications. The HD-Series is made of Ductile Iron for extended pressure and temperature ratings. These regulators use several different control pilots which are mounted to the valve to control pressure, temperature or a combination of both. When two or more pilots are used at the same time – for example, both a pressure and a temperature pilot – an additional pilot adapter for the second pilot is required (must indicate when ordering).