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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Stainless Steel Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger


Body Material Stainless Steel
Minimum Temperature -20°F
Maximum Temperature 450°F
Maximum Pressure – Shell 225 psi
Mzximum Pressure – Tube 150 psi


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Typical Applications

Shell and Tube heat exchangers transfer heat using liquid or steam that flows through the shell to heat or cool liquid in the tubes. They’re commonly used in refrigeration and engine cooling systems. Btu/hr. cooling capacity is based on cooling 180° F process water with 85° F water and a 10-psi pressure difference. Heat exchangers with a 316 stainless steel shell and tubes are the most corrosion resistant. Heat exchangers with baffled tubes direct liquid to make four passes through the tubes for more efficient heat transfer than other heat exchangers.