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Flow Meter

AX2000/AX2300 Series


Model AX2200/AX2300
Material 316L SS
Process Connection FLG
Full Scale Operating Pressure 30 – 1500 PSIA
Max. Over-Range Pressure 60 – 2500 PSIA

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Typical Applications

Series AX2200 and AX2300 Multi-Parameter Vortex Mass Flow Meters use a unique sensor head to monitor mass flow rate by directly measuring three variables–fluid velocity, temperature and pressure. The built-in flow computer calculates the mass flow rate and volumetric flow rate based on these three direct measurements. The velocity, temperature and pressure sensing head is built into the vortex meter’s flow body. To measure fluid velocity, the flow meter incorporates a bluff body (shedder bar) in the flow stream and measures the frequency of vortices created by the shedder bar. Temperature is measured using a platinum resistance temperature detector (PRTD). Pressure measurement is achieved using a solid-state pressure transducer. All three elements are combined into an integrated sensor head assembly located downstream of the shedder bar within the flow body.