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Inverted Bucket Liquid Drainer

WLD1500 Series


Model WLD1501, WLD1502, WLD1504, WLD1521, WLD1522, WLD1524
Sizes 3/4’’, 1’’
Connections NPT
Body Material Cast Iron
PMO (Max. Operating Pressure) 200 PSIG
TMO (Max. Operating Temperature) 450°F
PMA (Max. Allowable Pressure) 250 PSIG up to 450°F
TMA (Max. Allowable Temperature) 450°F @ 250 PSIG

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Typical Applications

The WLD1500 Series Inverted Bucket Liquid Drain Traps are recommended for the removal of liquids from compressed air systems. A scrubber wire is used to keep bleed hole on top of inverted bucket from clogging due to oil that may be present in the water being drained. Oil mixed with water is typically found on compressed air systems.