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Pressure Transmitter

AT9000 Series


Model AT9000 Series
Output 4 to 20mA DC
Accuracy ±0.04%F.S. (GTX30D/31D)
Measuring Span 0.1 kPa to 14 MPa (covered with 4 models)
Max. Working Pressure 42 MPa
Long-Term Stability ±0.1% of URL for 10-years

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Typical Applications

AT9000 Advanced Transmitters are smart differential pressure and pressure transmitters equipped with microprocessors for high performance and reliability. They can measure flow rate, pressure, and fluid levels of gases, liquids, and steam, as well as transmitting 4–20 mA DC analog or digital signals in proportion to the measured pressure. By means of two-way communication between the AT9000 and a CommStaff or HART® communicator, operations such as self-diagnosis, range setting, and zero adjustment can be easily accomplished.