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Condensate Packages [Pressure Powered Pump & Trap]



Model PMPT
Body Material Ductile Iron
Cover Material Stainless Steel
Sizes 1’’, 1-1/2’’ NPT
Check Valves Stainless Steel
PMO (Max. Operating Pressure) 125 PSIG
TMO (Max. Operating Temperature) 366°F
PMA (Max. Allowable Pressure) 150 PSIG @ 450°F

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Typical Applications

The PMPT low-profile pressure motive pump & trap combination has an internal steam trap for draining heat exchangers and other equipment whose steam pressure is modulated by a temperature regulator or a temperature control valve. In these applications the steam pressure in the heat exchanger may not be sufficient to overcome the back pressure in the condensate return line. When this condition occurs, the pressure powered pump takes over and uses high pressure steam supplied to the pump to discharge the condensate. When sufficient pressure does exist, the PMPT functions like a standard steam trap. Its small compact design is perfect for applications with limited space.

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