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Relief & Back Pressure Valves

3040 Series


Model 3040 Series
Service Water, Oil, other Liquids, Air
Sizes 1/2’’, 3/4’’, 1’’, 1-1/4’’, 1-1/2’’, 2’’
Connections NPT, 125# FLG, 250# FLG
Body Material 1/2’’ – 1-1/2’’ NPT, SS Body, SS Diaphragm Chamber

2’’ NPT, Cast Iron Body

2’’ FLG, Cast Iron Body

Seat Material Stainless Steel
Disc Material Viton – 300°F max
Diaphragm Viton – 300°F max
Max. Inlet Pressure 250 PSIG

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Typical Applications

The 3040 Series Back Pressure Valves relieve upstream pressure in a variety of processes. Automatically maintains desired maximum pressure in a vessel or system by relieving excess pressure into lower pressure return line or to atmosphere. Ideally suited for use as pump bypass control valve by maintaining constant pump discharge pressures. Used as a continuously operating valve or for intermittent protection against over-pressure conditions.