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Temporary Strainer



Standard Screen Sized 1’’ – 8’’
Size 1’’ – 8’’
Screen 1/8’’ Perf
Thickness 22 Gauge
Material 304SS
Standard Screen Sized 10’’ – 24’’
Sized 10’’ – 24’’
Screen 1/8’’ Perf
Thickness 16 Gauge
Material 304SS

Contact Us for more information on this product and to see other sizes that fit unique applications.

Typical Applications

TCSFS are designed to fit between Wafer Flat Faced Smooth, RF Flanges. Standard class 150# up to 2500#. Other custom sizes and connections are available upon request.

SSI Services can provide our customers with a wide variety of sizes, material, and specifications on our products that may not be included in our common sizes and specifications chart. We work with our customers to provide solutions for almost any application through our unmatched customer service and support in the installation and maintenance of our products.