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Thermodynamic Steam Trap



Model TD600, TD600L
Sizes 3/8’’, 1/2’’, 3/4’’, 1’’
Connections NPT
Body Material Stainless Steel 420F
Options Insulation C
PMO Max. Operating Pressure 600 PSIG
TMO Max. Operating Temperature 800°F
PMA Max. Allowable Pressure 600 PSIG up to 800°F
TMA Max. Allowable Temperature 800°F @ 600 PSIG

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Typical Applications

The TD600 is Non-Repairable and commonly used as a drip trap on steam mains and steam supply lines. Ideal for outdoor applications that are subject to freezing and for super-heated steam conditions. The TD600L is Reduced Size Discharge Orifice holes which are preferable in terms of performance, longevity, and efficiency; particularly on pressure over 150 psi.