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Exhaust Silencer



Inlet Connection 2’’ – 24’’ 150# FLG
Inlet Velocity Up to 900 fps
Temperature Rating 800°F
Noise Reduction 24.4 – 48.4 dBA
Material Carbon Steel

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Typical Applications

Exhaust Silencers are used to lower the noise level of steam being discharged to the atmosphere. Steam is diffused into many smaller tubes within the silencer.

The steam enters the inlet of the silencer where the flow is dispersed through the inlet diffuser tube into hundreds of small jet flows. This provides for a quiet flow into the silencer and the first stage silencing chamber. The diffuser also directs the flow toward the outer walls of the silencer body. The steam then repeats the process, contracting and expanding into the second stage chamber. Steam is quietly released to the atmosphere through the silencer outlet.