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Self Operated Temperature Regulators

W91/94 Self Op


Model W91 (No Indicating Dial)

W94 (Temperature Indicating Dial)

Service Water, Steam, Other Liquids
Sizes 1/2’’ – 4’’
Connections Threaded, Union Ends, 125# FLG 250# FLG
Body Material 1/2’’ – 1-1/2’’ Bronze/Stainless Steel

2’’ Cast Iron (Direct-acting)

2’’ Bronze (Reverse-acting)

2-1/2’’ – 4’’ Cast Iron

Seat Material Stainless Steel
Max. Inlet Pressure 250 PSIG
Heating In-To-Close    Normally Open
Cooling In-To-Open    Normally Closed

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Typical Applications

The W91 & W94 Self-Operating Temperature Regulators are the preferred choice of original equipment manufacturers, mechanical contractors and specifying engineers. They require no external power source and are ideal for regulating the temperature of tanks, process streams and various types of industrial equipment. The Actuator is noted for its rugged die-cast aluminum housing, fully-enclosed bellows assembly and internal over-temperature range protection.
Model W91 Non-Indicating (without indicating dial) features a lower profile and should be specified where space constraints may be an issue.
Model W94 Temperature Indicating (with indicating dial) will allow the operator to verify the process temperature and to aid in temperature adjustment.