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Y- Strainers



Model CIY
Sizes 1/2’’, 3/4’’, 1’’, 1-1/4’’, 1-1/2’’, 2’’, 2-1/2’’, 3’’, 4’’
Connections NPT, FLG
Body Material Cast Iron
Pressure/Temperature Ratings:
NPT 250 PSIG @ 406°F – Steam
NPT 400 PSIG @ 150°F – WOG
125# FLG 125 PSIG @ 450°F – Steam
125# FLG 200 PSIG @ 150°F – WOG
250# FLG 250 PSIG @ 450°F – Steam
250# FLG 500 PSIG @ 150°F – WOG

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Typical Applications

The CIY Cast Iron Y-Strainer is used to strain dirt particles from fluid in pipelines and provide inexpensive protection for costly pumps, meters, valves, traps, turbines and compressors.

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