Welcome to Trap & Trend

The simplest and savviest way to assess your steam system in 2020…

What is it?

Trap and Trend is an app developed by SSI Services, Inc. that is used to assist in steam system surveying, system evaluation, and ongoing steam trap maintenance. We’ve enhanced the software to be user friendly by incorporating our custom stainless-steel steam trap tags. These tags are generated with unique QR codes per tag that allows customers to scan and access the data for a specific trap immediately. From a simple scan, a customer can pull up all the survey data for that trap as well as the replacement history since utilizing our app. 

How does the app work?

The app has been designed to be a step-by-step process to ensure the input of all required fields. We start by pairing a stainless-steel tag and its unique QR code to the trap being tested. From there we will take an image to help in the future for locating that trap as well as a thermal image to get a read on the temperatures affiliated with that trap. We then begin to include the primary data such as location and location detail if not already available. This information would already be available in advance if we have previously done a survey with Trap and Trend. Once all the primary data has been entered, we input the secondary data which is much more in depth. We enter the make, model, type of trap, application, test results, last time replaced, and much more. It’s important to us to be thorough and include all possible information regarding your steam system. This will allow us to help identify troubled traps or trends within the steam system and recommend performance fixes to help create an efficient and trouble-free system.

Why utilize it?

QR Coded Stainless-Steel TagsAllows for easy identification of traps and easy access to information at the trap.
Overview of Complete SurveyGives a complete picture of all the traps in the system with totals and percentages of failed.
Trap SearchSearch by scanning QR code, trap number, or by location information.
Complete Survey Information Built-InAll the information is available to view in the field. Including thermal pictures, date & time tested, condition, make & model, and much more.
Change Trap or Edit InformationCapability to change trap or edit information. App will track the last 3 trap changes to better understand trends in the system.
Editable CommentsCustomers can upload and edit their own comments on each steam trap in their system.
Quick ViewSee all the traps, with thumbnail pictures and color coded by condition. Filter by condition or location.
Maps Built-InPull up location maps to see where the steam traps are located within the facility.