Power has become a huge part of our day to day lives. How would we as humans function without electricity, running water, heat, or even gas? We work hard to not only establish a cleaner, more cost-efficient form of energy, but to also prevent any type of failure. Power plants around the country supply power/energy to millions of homes, communities, and businesses which is why we provide reliable solutions for steam generation, distribution, utilization and condensate recovery. 

One of the major factors in this industry is the very high-pressure steam which generates the need for durable equipment to cope with the demands of the pressure and temperature limitations. SSI Services is a single source solution which provides knowledge, service and products to the power industry. Our expertise in steam and condensate systems enables us to ensure the delivery of dry quality steam to steam turbines, heat exchangers and air heating coils. Through our service department, we also provide steam trap audits and repairs to guarantee proper operations and increase longevity of your steam trap population.